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Discover enchanting Cinderella-Ballet performances in Boston, MA.
Immerse yourself in the captivating world of ballet, where each concert promises to be an unforgettable experience that will linger in your memories forever. Tickets are now available, presenting an extraordinary opportunity for enthusiasts who desire beyond mere amusement. Secure your Boston ballet tickets now at unbeatable prices, ensuring your entry into a realm of artistic elegance and grace. Ballet tickets start at $41, with an average price of $145. Don’t miss your chance to see a “Cinderella Ballet” you will remember forever!

Cinderella Ballet

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Cinderella Ballet Video

Cinderella Ballet Video

Cinderella Op. 87, is a ballet composed by Sergei Prokofiev to a scenario by Nikolai Volkov. It is one of his most famous musical compositions and has inspired many choreographers since its inception.

Ticket Information:

  • The cheapest seats will be found in the amphitheater section, costing around $41 to $65.
  • Balcony seating can range from around $85 to $170. Many seats are available in the parquet section and will cost around $185 to $925.
  • Mezzanine tickets can cost around $35 to $80.
  • Orchestra seating can be around $125 to $295.

About Cinderella Ballet

Enchanting Tales of Love and Deception: The Swan Lake Ballet

Opening Act: A Fateful Encounter by the Lake

Prologue: The Enchantment of Princess Odette
In the serene ambiance of the lakeshore, Princess Odette’s tranquil stroll is abruptly disrupted by an enigmatic figure, Rothbart, whose fascination with her beauty leads to a harrowing proposal. Defiant in the face of his advances, Odette’s rejection incites Rothbart’s wrath, condemning her to a spellbound existence as a majestic white swan. Only a true-hearted suitor’s unwavering love and fidelity can break this curse, setting the stage for a magical romance and resilience tale.

  • Scene 1: Royal Revelries and Restless Yearnings
    As spring adorns the ancient royal castle, Prince Siegfried’s coming-of-age is celebrated amidst the splendor of the court’s youthful aristocracy. Despite the optimistic performances and courtly dances, Siegfried remains aloof, burdened by the expectations of a matrimonial alliance. The Queen Mother’s gift of a crossbow and her departure marks a turning point, leaving Siegfried yearning for escape, prompting his solitary venture to the mystical lake.

Act of Moonlit Mysteries: The Swan’s Lament

  • Scene 2: A Moonlit Revelation
    By the lake, Prince Siegfried stumbles upon a scene of enchantment as swans transform into maidens, revealing the cursed plight led by the Swan Queen, Odette. Their human form is fleeting, bound by Rothbart’s dark sorcery, cursed to the twilight hours by the lake. Siegfried, moved by Odette’s grace and sorrow, vows eternal love, a promise witnessed by the lurking Rothbart, who plots to thwart their burgeoning love as dawn approaches and the swans vanish into the morning mist.

The Masquerade of Deceit: The Grand Ball

  • Scene 3: A Ball of Illusions
    The castle’s grandeur sets the scene for the Prince’s birthday celebration, where the Queen Mother’s insistence on choosing a bride pressures Siegfried. Amidst the procession of hopefuls, an enigmatic knight introduces his daughter, Odile, whose striking resemblance to Odette ensnares Siegfried’s heart. Duped into believing Odile is his beloved Swan Queen, Siegfried’s oath to Odile unveils Rothbart’s cruel deception, leaving a heartbroken prince to reckon with his grave mistake as Odette’s visage haunts him from afar.

Finale: Redemption Amidst the Storm

  • Scene 4: The Tempest of Love and Redemption
    As the storm rages over the lake, the swan maidens and a despairing Odette await the dawn, lamenting the Prince’s betrayal. Siegfried’s arrival and plea for forgiveness ignite a tumultuous battle against Rothbart’s elemental fury. United in love and courage, Odette and Siegfried’s defiance breaks the spell, banishing the darkness. As the storm subsides, the lovers emerge, basking in the dawn’s light, their love triumphing over deceit, heralding a new beginning.